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Offer your customers retail finance where you will receive the money upfront
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You receive all the money upfront in one payment. We make our payment to you on the 10th working day of each month for all the customers that passed their credit check in the previous month and where the goods have been delivered or service performed.


Cash Flow

Rest easy knowing that you will receive the payment upfront. This will help boost your cash flow over our other options.

No Setup Fee

We don’t charge you a setup fee or application fee and you are only charged your monthly fee once you start using the system.


Mandatory Credit Checks

We will Credit Check your customer and email you by the end of the next working day to let you know if we can make payment to you upfront. You have the option to continue if the credit check fails but you will not receive payment upfront.


Credit Reporting

We will report on your customers payments to Credit Reference Agencies. This helps keep the payments on track as missed payments will impact their ability to get credit in future.


Everything is done online. This makes it simple for your staff and customers as they don’t need to send us any physical paperwork.
Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Providing customers with credit is proven to increase both sales and the average sale value.
Great for Customers

Great for Customers

The process is quick and easy and customers are able to make additional payments or change their payment schedules without incurring any charges.

Payment Control

If a customer misses a payment we will contact the customer via phone, email, sms and letter to work with the customer to resolve the situation.
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If you needĀ more information please contact us via this form, contact@payitmonthly.uk or onĀ 0333 212 3914.