Promote Your Finance Option

by | 12th May 2017 | Analysis

It seems obvious to say that by not letting customers know you offer finance will result in fewer sales. However, you would be surprised at the number of businesses that don’t put it out there. Some wait until they are asked “Do you offer finance?”; some just think it’s a given that they do; some simply promote it the wrong way. Making the most of promoting the fact that you do offer finance will help increase sales, the value of sales and customer satisfaction. Giving the customer all the information upfront and not making them dig it out themselves will result in customer satisfaction; good word of mouth; and repeat custom. And the best thing is – it’s so simple to get it right! Take a look at our top ten tips for promoting your finance option. This is in the form of a Venn diagram to differentiate between online promotion, in-store promotion and promotion that can be used in both areas.


Key: Red = Online     Blue = Instore     Claret = Both online and instore