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Christmas Time with The Big Boss

by | 17th December 2019 | News

  • All I want for Christmas is…


    I have to start off with some Christmas cheese and say that I want everyone around me, friends, family, people I don't know, to be happy and joyful at this time of year.
  • My favourite ever Christmas present I received was…

I don't know if it counts as a Christmas present, but being able to travel to New Zealand to spend it with family as I think that is the most important thing at Christmas.

If I had to choose a physical present, it would be the laptop I received when I was younger.

  • My favourite Christmas song is…

There is only one Christmas song which is for when you are driving home for Christmas - which is driving home for Christmas!

  • The best Christmas movie is…

I can't believe this is even a question! There is only one Arnold Schwarzenegger! It has to be Jingle All The Way.

  • This year, I will be spending Christmas….

In Chelmsford with my Auntie and cousins.

  • If I could kiss anyone under the mistletoe this Christmas, it would be…

Poppy, my westie.

  • If I could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, it would be…

Again, cheese! Wherever my family is.

  • If I could pick the most extravagant gift to receive, I would want…

It's more an experience than an item, I would go for a first class trip around the world.

  • My favourite Christmas memory is…

Going to New Zealand...Well...Selfishly, it probably wasn't going it was more the coming back because I was very fortunate in that Santa would visit me in both countries. I would be super excited to get back to the UK to see whether Santa had been here as well as New Zealand!

  • My funniest Christmas memory is…

Probably sitting in the back of church a little bit tipsy with my friends and seeing all the people who are never normally at church looking down on you for it, even though they aren't there every week!

  • My favourite things to eat at Christmas are…

It has to be a Christmas sandwich, you can't beat a sandwich made from left overs! The cranberry, the bacon, the turkey, pigs in blankets, the stuffing, bread sauce...BREAD SAUCE! You have to put bread sauce in that sandwich, that's where it's at!

  • Do you enjoy working over the festive period? If so, why?

Yes and no. Obviously, it's nice to spend time with family, but Christmas is a really useful time for work because everyone else leaves you alone! So you can get a huge amount done. The foundations of our first system were built over the Christmas/New Year period and without that break, it would have been a lot harder to get it done.

  • Do your employees do anything to make you feel more festive?

Yes, they get incredibly drunk at the Christmas party! In seriousness, they bring a huge festive atmosphere into work. They do a great job putting up the decorations. We have so many decorations, I have never seen an office with so many!

  • What do you do to  make the festive period special for your employees?

Nothing, Bah Humbug! No, I just try to create a fun family atmosphere I guess. It's a bit corny, but we are one team and we all want to be happy at Christmas. I have to say I was really impressed with the Secret Santa this year and the thought that went into each gift, I don't think there were any duffs at all, which just shows the togetherness of everyone.

Christmas eve we finish early and play games and have a good time. Everybody looks forward to it, nobody likes booking Christmas eve off!