Refer a Business, Earn Rewards

by | 23rd December 2019 | News

We at PayItMonthly have launched an exciting new referral scheme, if you are an existing client of PayItMonthly and want to earn some fabulous rewards then read on!

If you have a friend, family member or even just a casual acquaintance who runs their own business you can refer them and their business to PayItMonthly so they can offer their customers the same great interest free finance! With rewards ranging from Amazon vouchers to credit on your PayItMonthly account. You can even earn cashback on your referrals!

When the business you have referred has completed their sign-up process and placed their first live agreement you will be eligible for your first reward. You have the choice between two great options either a £20.00 Amazon voucher or £25.00 credit with PayItMonthly! Not bad for recommending a friend, eh?

That’s not all though, that’s only the first stage. When the new business you have referred have placed £100,000 worth of agreements with us you have the choice between an Amazon voucher worth £200.00 or £250.00 worth of credit with PayItMonthly!

Finally, there’s one last step - this is the big one. One small step for you one giant leap for your rewards! Once the new business you have referred has placed £500,000 worth of agreements we will pay you an additional £500.00 either to your personal account or your business account!

So, to sum up you could earn up to £775.00 all just for referring a friend to sign up with PayItMonthly. You can watch your friend’s businesses grow while reaping the rewards of your recommendations. Don’t delay call your friends, family anyone you know with a business tell them to visit us at and sign up today so you can start receiving your rewards!

If you have any questions about the referral rewards or you are interested in signing up yourself please call us on 0333 212 2141 or email