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Increase Your Sales Using Retail Finance

Consider this – Retailers have increased sales by a massive 65% by giving consumers the option of retail finance. Not only can you increase your customer numbers by breaking the payment into manageable instalments, you can also increase the value of your sales.

When deciding whether to make a purchase, one of the biggest factors a consumer will consider is the price. A product priced at £1,500, for example, will look much more attractive if offered at £125 over 12 instalments. And when you can offer these instalments interest free, it becomes even more appealing. Not to mention more affordable.

Offering consumers the option of paying by instalments can have a great impact on high value goods. This is particularly true of unexpected purchases (replacing a broken piece of furniture or electrical equipment) or luxury items that they would not normally purchase (professional images or spa/cosmetic treatments).


Increase your sales with retail finance by

Benefits of using Retail Finance

Let’s look at some facts. A survey in January 2015 revealed that 25% of retailers saw significantly higher sales through offering retail finance to customers, closely followed by 15% who claimed that their sales were slightly higher.

In a 2016 UK Consumer Payment Study, the percentage of consumers who found the prospect of paying by way of instalments valuable/very valuable rose from 38% in 2015 to 45% in 2016. An impressive increase of 7%.

The 45% who found instalments valuable were asked at what point in the purchasing process they would like to be given the option of paying by instalments. A massive 50% agreed that their preference was at point of sale. Followed by 22% deciding by the type of product, before even entering the sales environment. The same for 10% who decide prior to purchase based on the price of the product. And 18% determining at a later date.


Determine at point of sale


Pre-determine by type of purchase


Determine at a later date


Pre-determine by price

Further analysis shows that the highest percentage of customers who find paying by instalments valuable was the 18 to 24-year-old bracket at 68%. The rest of the results are as follows.


18 to 24


45 to 54


25 to 34


55 to 64


35 to 44



Making it easy

Make it easy

When deciding on whether to purchase a product via retail finance, something that can deter a customer is how complicated the process is. A customer doesn’t want to sit through hours of questions and forms, waiting for a period of days before finding out whether they have been successful. This may be the point at which they opt out and you lose a sale.

Using a system which is simple, straightforward and putting you in control of acceptance and signing them up immediately will be far more satisfactory to them. This is particularly true when they are looking at signing up for a lesser amount. For example, a customer is considering a purchase for the total amount of £400 to pay over 4 months. But they have to sit through hours of forms and wait to see whether they are accepted or not. The customer decides it isn’t worth the hassle and walks away. Give the same customer the option of instalments using a quick and simple system. The result will likely be much different.

How PayItMonthly can help you offer retail finance

We make it easy for both you and the customer. We have a paperless, online system which is easy to use and forms a legally binding contract between you and the customer, which is formed at point of sale. You perform an affordability assessment and decide whether they can afford it.

If you are a company that already offers retail finance, we can often sit alongside it. For example, if you are using a company who does perform credit checks and refuses a number of customers; rather than losing these customers you can use PayItMonthly.

You can also offer your customers the option of finance without having FCA authorisation or a Consumer Credit Licence.

Once the customer has signed up, you don’t need to worry about collecting the payment each month. We take care of it. Should a customer’s payment fail, we will contact the customer via telephone, sms, email and/or letter to resolve the situation. Our team is highly trained and experienced in collections and customer service, a winning combination!

To start increasing sales by offering your customers the option to PayItMonthly, sign up today, it couldn’t be simpler.

And if you’re still not 100% convinced, you can get 1 month’s free trial. No system fee and no commission taken. Get your trial just by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.