Introducing Our New Product Option – Guaranteed

by | 19th June 2017 | News, Analysis

We know that the products we offer now are well suited to some businesses, but not all. So PayItMonthly continues to progress by adding a brand-new option, the Guaranteed option.


What is this?

The Guaranteed option does exactly what it says on the tin. You are guaranteed the payment each month, whether the customer has made the payment or not.

The reason we are now able to offer this is because we have now incorporated the option of credit checking customers. So, to use the Guaranteed product, each customer you submit would be credit checked by us. If they fulfil our criteria, they will be accepted and you will receive the instalment each month, minus our fee, regardless of whether the customer has made the payment or not.


What happens if the customer does not pass the credit check?

If the customer does not meet our criteria, you can either choose to automatically reject the customers that fail; automatically accept them; or review them on a case by case basis. If you still want to find a way to offer them credit, you are still able to use one of our existing products where a credit check is not required and the payments are made to you as they are made by the customer (minus our fee).

Would this product be suitable for me?

If you are looking to offer finance and want certainty that you will receive the payments monthly, then yes. The Agreement can be no longer than 12 months and no interest or charges added. The great thing with this product is that you are guaranteed the payments every month. We take on the risk so that you don’t have to worry about future payments.


If you have customers who typically have poor or no credit history, you would be better suited to one of our alternative packages. Please speak to us if you are unsure.

Why use PayItMonthly Guaranteed when I could use another company who will finance the Agreement upfront?

Not only do we have alternative options if the customer doesn’t pass the credit check, meaning that you would be able to keep all of you financing options under one roof; you will receive better value from the Agreements you have with the Guaranteed product than you would from a full finance product.


This is because with the Guaranteed option we do not lay out the finance upfront, the cost of doing this is eliminated. This means we are able to decrease the percentage of our fee, whereas companies who provide the finance upfront will incorporate this fee into their overall charge; meaning you receive less.


So, with PayItMonthly, you receive the best of both worlds. You can have all your customers; whether they are on the Guaranteed product or on another; on one easy online system and we’ll manage the accounts for you.

To set up an account with us visit and select the Standard option and contact us to let us know that you want the Guaranteed option.