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Hey there! At PayItMonthly we believe in a dash of adventure alongside our work. So what have we been up to recently? A hearty 22km charity walk and an adrenaline-pumping session of axe throwing. It's all part of our unique way to bond as a team and give back to the community. Fancy joining us on this journey? First up: a walkathon for our furry friends at the Cheltenham Animal Shelter. Let's step right into it!


Charity Walk

On Sunday the 26th we set out on a 22km walk to raise money for Cheltenham Animal Shelter, a brilliant donation-funded charity. The trek was a tough challenge for everyone involved but not only did we manage to raise a fantastic £415, but it was also a great bonding opportunity for the team. 

We find it incredibly valuable to invest in outings with our team -especially with interests they’re passionate about. This charity walk was actually a suggestion from our Partner Onboarding Associate Ben, who regularly walks the local area. Our walk ended up taking nearly 5 hours to complete (pub and all!). 

One of our core values at Payitmonthly is fostering a positive work culture and team bonding opportunities such as this means we can all enjoy an activity together whilst working towards contributing to a greater cause. 

Cheltenham Animal Shelter is a more than deserving beneficiary, they rescue and re-home hundreds of unwanted and abandoned animals. With out any government or lottery funding, they save hundreds of cats, dogs, rabbits, guineapigs and many more animals! Please feel free to check them out yourselves at https://gawa.org.uk/  

A huge thanks to Ben for organising this event. We all have many fond moments to look back on and we’re glad PayItMonthly were able to contribute to such an amazing organisation. 



Axe Throwing

As a congratulations to our team here at PayItMonthly for such a kick-axe March we had a company outing to … where we did axe throwing! 

For those unfamiliar, axe throwing might sound intense, and honestly, it is - in the best way possible! There's something uniquely satisfying about the thud of an axe hitting its target. And while none of us might make the cut as lumberjacks anytime soon, we were all game for the experience. 

This wasn't just about the thrill, though. It was also a fantastic opportunity for team building. It's incredible how a shared goal (or target, in this case) can bring a group together. We cheered each other on, celebrated every bullseye, and laughed off the near-misses. It wasn't just the axes that were thrown during the day; there were also plenty of high-fives and shared smiles.  

The experience was a testament to what we've achieved together at PayItMonthly. Much like hitting the target in axe throwing, reaching our work milestone was a result of precise aim, collective effort, and a dash of daring. It was the perfect blend of celebration, team bonding, and a bit of friendly competition. A big shout-out to our stellar team for making it possible and for keeping the spirit high, whether it's crunching numbers or hurling axes!