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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionise a wide range of industries. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to automate tasks, analyse vast amounts of data, and make predictions and decisions based on that data. Here at PayItMonthly we have implemented this profound technology to make more accurate decisions on customer affordability, meaning you are able to accept more customers. Find out more about Pass Genies below and how it can help your business.

What is Pass Genie?

The introduction of PayItMonthly’s Pass Genie uses the magic of our advanced AI system to give you the flexibility to accept more customers with us. Customers can be accepted at different levels according to the likelihood that they will make their repayments.

You are only charged extra for the level that the customer passes at. This means that you only pay more where customers are less likely to repay their loan.

What are the levels?

There are three levels, with each level accepting more customers.The credit charge is added to the regular agreement charge.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

If you have multiple levels turned on and a customer passes at a lower level, you are charged at the rate that they pass at. For example if you have level 1 and 2 turned on and a customer passes at level 1 you will only be charged an additional 1.9%. Agreements that pass the normal credit check are still charged at your existing rate.

So why do I have to pay a higher credit charge?

The increase is relative to the risk we take with accepting people who are less likely to make their repayments. By choosing an affordable level for your business, you can increase your sales and get the most out of offering finance to your customers.

What do we mean by choosing a plan that is affordable for your business?

Consider the profitability of your product or service, for a lot of businesses, it is worthwhile to make a sale for a small extra charge that you wouldn’t get without Pass genie turned on.

How can I make this work for my business?

One way partners can implement this into their business is reducing the agreement length to compensate for the increased credit charges for any pass genie agreements.

Here is an example:


Classic Plan (pass genie turned off)

Item cost: £100
Agreement length: 12 months
Credit charge:  14%
Credit charge cost: £14
Total paid to you: £86


Classic Plan (pass genie turned on)

 Item cost: £100
Agreement length: 10 months
Credit charge:  12% (+1.9% pass genie level 1)
Credit charge cost: £13.90
Total paid to you: £86.10

Do I pay the increased charge on all agreements?

You’ll still be paid in full as usual and will only be charged the rate of the level each customer qualifies for. For example, if your customer’s acceptance criteria meets that of level 2 you will only pay the rate for that level plus the standard credit charge. Or the customer qualifies within our normal acceptance range, you’ll only charged the standard credit charge.

If you are interested in turning Pass Genie on and accessing more customers then please get in touch.

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0333 212 3914